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What is Pathways?

Pathways is Toastmasters' Education program. It is a flexible and interactive way to develop your skills and achieve your speaking and leadership goals. You begin by logging onto your account and completing an assessment that will help you decide which path is right for you. However, you still have the option to choose whichever you prefer. You have thirty days to change your path should you decide you want a different one.

How is it designed?

There are eleven unique learning Paths from which to choose. Each Path contains five levels of increasing complexity with two to three projects per level for a total of at least 14 projects per path. Each project focuses on a single, specific theme to help members improve their communication and leadership skills in a particular area. 

An easy acronym to remember is P—L—P.

  • Path

  • Level

  • Project

How long will it take me to complete a Path?

Each Path comprises of around twenty to twenty-five projects. It might take around two years to complete, but since Pathways is a self-paced program, it is flexible depending on your schedule and commitment.

What do I do after I complete my Path?

It depends on your individual goals. Toastmasters is a big organization with many opportunities. You may want to take on leadership roles in your own club or within your own Toastmasters District.

You may also wish to work towards achieving the Toastmasters Highest honor – the Distinguished Toastmaster Award. To receive this award, you need to:

  • complete two Paths

  • serve a term as a club officer

  • serve a term as a district officer

  • become a club mentor or club coach

  • be a club sponsor, conduct a Speechcraft Course or Youth Leadership Program

What is in each Path?

Below are links that will take you to a summary of each Path, Level and the Projects they contain. Explore the projects and speeches within each path by clicking on the Path that interests you.

Check out The Toastmasters International Pathways page for full information on Pathways.

Presentation Mastery
Persuasive Influence
Visionary Communication
Motivational Strategies
Team Collaboration
Effective Coaching
Innovative Planning
Strategic Relationships
Engaging Humor.PNG
Engaging Humor
Dynamic Leadership
Leadership Development
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